Rock oil candles

The rock oil candle is built from a carefully curated selection of rocks, crystal and fossils. Once a specimen is selected, it is cut to the right size. All surfaces are then sealed to prevent oil seepage. A reservoir is attached to bottom to hold lamp oil. When filled with a high quality lamp oil, like those made by Firefly Fuels, it produces a nearly smokeless, odorless "candle-sized" flame. The flame will last for at least three hours, likely more.

The rock oil candles also include a fiberglass wick and a glass wick holder. Because the wick is made of fiberglass, it won't burn down, and therefore, never need replacement. The cut end of the wick is treated to prevent fraying. This greatly simplifies its insertion into the rock oil  candle.

In addition to holding the wick in place, the glass wick holder is also an oil diffuser. Simply put a few drops of your favorite scent on the glass lip and allow the flame to heat it up to scent your air!

For more detail, check out the videos here for demonstrations of how to fill the lamp and to adjust the flame height.