About us

Roccia Roba is an Italian translation of "Rock Stuff".  As you can see from our web page, Etsy shop and booth at Denver area craft shows, this name is a great representation of what we do - crafting home and office decor from rocks, minerals and fossils.

We are a father/daughter team that started this business because of our life long hobby of collecting rocks. We were looking for a unique way to start showing off our collection, and our "Rock Decor" business was born.

We see this business as a way to introduce the natural beauty of rocks and minerals to those who never considered themselves rock collectors.

At the same time, our products make it easier for the rock lovers to bring rocks, minerals and fossils out of the den or basement where rock collections typically reside and into the living room and office so they can be enjoyed by many.

We continue to look for new ways to use rocks, like the solar powered access lights we are now featuring at shows in the Denver area. If you have ideas for new rock decor items, please message us!

Click here to read an article and interview we did with Fetch Market in Denver (opens in a new window).