Our company name, "Roccia Roba", is Italian for "Rock Stuff". When we started this business, we knew that we wanted to create way for people to integrate rocks, crystals, and fossils in their day-to-day lives. 

With this as our goal, we took our passion for rocks and rock collecting with some creativity and craftiness to create rock-based home and office décor to allow the collector or tock lover to sprinkle these elements throughout their home or office.

These products are a summary of our entire shop - products we make from rocks, crystals and fossils;  handmade products that include rock candles, engagement ring boxes, cabinet knobs and so much more. Our shop also features rocks, crystals and fossils sourced from miners and suppliers from around the world. 

We continue to look for new ways to use rocks, like the accent table lamps that we now feature in our shop, or the petrified wood table seen in some of the photos (for in person sales). If you have new product ideas , please message us!