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    Seven Chakra stones on a selenite crystal wand

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    Seven Chakra beads mounted on a selenite wand. You will receive one similar to the one pictured.

    The Chakra stones included in each are:
    -> Crown - Amethyst
    -> Third eye - Sodalite
    -> Throat - Apatite
    -> Heart - Moss agate
    -> Solar plexus - Calcite
    -> Sacral - Carnelian
    -> Root - Jasper

    A crystal chakra wand is a powerful tool for reducing negative energy and energy blockages for the entire body. It also helps to align and balance the chakras.

    Each wand is approximately 4 inches long.

    >>> Please note that since the stones are natural, there will be some variation in appearance from bowl to bowl. We have hand-picked the pieces for each, so we are confident that you will like the result.

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    Seven Chakra stones on a selenite crystal wand

    $10.00 USD

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