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    Medium size Pyrite cube crystals in Matrix

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    You pick the specimen you like best of the pyrite cube crystals from Navajun, Spain. These pieces all include the matrix in which it is found.

    The unique cubed pyrite specimens are found only in the Navajun region of Spain. These highly sought after specimens are well known for the cubed shape that the pyrite crystal clusters form into.

    These are great additions to a rock lover's collection!

    As you can see in the photos, the pyrite crystals have a mirror-like luster.

    The piece you select from the drop down is exactly the piece you will receive.

    See the pictures for images taken with a ruler so you can see the size of each piece.

    ->> If you're intrigued by these pyrite cubes, check out our other listings for other configurations.

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    Medium size Pyrite cube crystals in Matrix


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