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 Overview our Rock Decor products. 



Short, informal video that describes how Rock Candles are made:

This video demonstrates how to adjust the height of the flame in your Rock Candle. The more of the wick that extends above the wick, the higher the flame (more flame often also means more smoke, so be careful!) 
Check out this video to see the following steps for filling your Rock Candle:

1) Remove the wick assembly from the rock
2) Insert the provided funnel into the wick hole
3) Fill with a high-quality lamp oil 
4) Reinsert the wick assembly
5) Wait a couple of minutes
5) Light and enjoy!

This video shows the process of creating a Rock Candle from a raw, large labradorite rock the I cut, polish and ultimately turn into a beautiful piece of rock decor for the home.

Our solar powered rock lamps require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight, either outside or on a window sill to fully large. Once it turns dark, its built in sensor will automatically turn the light on.

The solar mechanism can recharge for about two years. Once it's usage is complete, it can be carefully cut out, allowing the rock to operate as a tea light. Or replacement solar mechanisms can be purchased on our website.

Replacing the Solar Cell in a SOLAR ROCK 

The expected life of the Solar Rock is bout 200 charge/discharge cycles. At the end of the cell's life, it can be easily replaced as demonstrated in this video. If you're in need of a replacement solar cell, new ones can be purchased on our website.