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    Rose Quartz Rock Candle

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    Product description

    Rock Candle made from a polished slab of rose quartz with an interesting jagged edge (see pix!).

    The highly polished rose quartz reflects the flame of the candle beautifully off of the surface. Look at its reflecting in the pix - stunning!

    This crystal oil candle is a a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of home décor that would make a great table centerpiece or accent to any room in your house.

    A 1.5-2 oz bottle of oil is available as an optional upgrade (good for one fill-up and a burn time of about 3-4 hours) Just make your selection from the drop down.

    Additional features

    Use any paraffin lamp oil of your choosing, we like Firefly Clean Fuel
    Handcrafted with a glass reservoir permanently affixed to the underside of the rock to hold the oil
    Fiberglass wick does not burn and never needs to be replaced. One side is sealed to prevent fraying
    All surfaces of the rock is sealed to help prevent staining and oil from seeping into the candle or from staining the surface.
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    Rose Quartz Rock Candle


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