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    Rock oil lamp - Orthoceras fossil bowl

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    A beautiful, unique one-of-a-kind oil lamp made from a brown cephalopod fossil bowl featuring ammonite and orthoceras from Morocco.

    After we drill a hole in the specimen we treat all surfaces to protect the surfaces. We then permanently attach a glass reservoir to the bottom to hold a lamp oil of your choosing. The resulting is a stunning one-of-a-kind piece of functional rock decor for the home.

    This is a great addition to your own home decor or even a fantastic, unique gift for the rock lover or candle lover.

    A 1.5-2oz bottle of lamp oil is available as an optional upgrade (good for one fill-up and a burn time of about 3-4 hours) Just make your selection from the drop down.

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    Rock oil lamp - Orthoceras fossil bowl


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