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    Rock Oil Candle - Ruby Zoisite

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    A beautiful, one-of-a-kind oil lamp made from an end cut of Ruby Zoisite, creating a memorable home decor.

    The lamp is crafted with a reservoir affixed to the underside of the rock to hold the oil. When filled with a high quality paraffin oil it produces a nearly smokeless, odorless "candle-sized" flame that will burn for at least three hours.

    Filling the lamp is a simple process:
    1) Remove the wick assembly from the rock
    2) Insert the funnel we've provided into the hole where the wick came from
    3) Fill with a high-quality paraffin wax oil.
    4) Reinsert the wick and allow a couple of minutes for the wick to "wick" the oil.
    5) Light and enjoy!

    We've also built all of our Rock Oil Lamps to be sealed on all sides to help prevent oil from seeping into the rock, and we also feature a fiberglass wick that won't burn down, never needing replacement

    Funnel to aid in filling included.

    To add fragrance to the lamp, simply add a couple of drops of your favorite scented oik on the glass wick holder. As the flame heats the holder, the scented oil is diffused.

    A 2 ounce bottle of Firefly Clean fuel is availab as an option. Simply sselect that option from the drop down menu. You can also use your own high quality lamp oil. We really like the Clean Fuel from Firefly Fuels. If you buy it from their website use "Roccia Roba" as a coupon code at checkout to get 10% off your order.

    Ruby zoisite is a combination of ruby and zoisite. It was discovered in Tanzania; which to this day remains the only source for ruby zoisite. It is one of the most colorful ornamental gemstones available.

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    Rock Oil Candle - Ruby Zoisite


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