Picasso marble specimen

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A beautiful slab of Picasso Marble (also called Picasso Jasper and Picasso stone) from Utah highly polished on one side. There are some really nice textures and colors in this piece so it would look great as is in your home or office. Or if you're so inclined, this can be made into some striking cabochons.

If you should choose to keep the piece as is, I will include an acrylic stand so you can display it as soon as you receive it.

The specimen you'd receive is exactly this piece in the pictures.

This slab measures approximately 6"x6"x0.5". Check out the photos in the listings for a few photos with a ruler.

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Marble is crystallized dolomite or calcium carbonate and is a type of metamorphosed limestone. This beautiful stone is like the brush strokes of browns, blacks, and greys that look like an abstract painting done by the famous artist Pablo Picasso.

Picasso marble is only found in Utah.