Petrified wood fossil - Rock oil lamp

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Beautiful, one-of-a-kind oil lamp made from a slab of petrified wood. Nice detail in the wood, with lots of banding and a clear indication of the tree's bark all the way around.

The lamp is crafted with a reservoir affixed to the underside of the rock to hold the oil. When filled with a high quality paraffin oil it produces a nearly smokeless, odorless "candle-sized" flame that will burn for at least three hours, likely more.

Filling the lamp is a simple process
1) Remove the wick assembly from the rock
2) Insert the funnel we've provided into the hole where the wick came from
3) Fill with a high-quality paraffin lamp oil. We like the oils from Ultra Pure or Firefly.
4) Reinsert the wick and allow a couple of minutes for the wick to "wick" the oil.
5) Light and enjoy!

We've also built all of our Rock Oil Lamps to be sealed to help prevent oil from seeping into the rock. We also include a fiberglass wick that won't burn down, and therefore never needing replacement!

Funnel to aid in filling included.

To add fragrance to the lamp, simply add a couple of drops of your favorite scented oil on the glass wick holder. As the flame heats the holder, the scented oil is diffused.

Lamp oil is not included, but a brand we've had great success with is available here:

or here:

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