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    Orthoceras fossil tower, single cephalopod fossil

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    One freestanding orthoceras tower specimen from Morocco.

    Tower's shipped as part of this listing will have ONLY ONE visible fossil shell on its surface. If you are looking for towers with two or more visible fossil shells, check out our other orthoceras listings.

    Even thought there is only one clear fossil visible, these are still really nice pieces for one's collection.

    As seen in these pictures, orthoceras fossils are often found in a black limestone matrix, with the shell tail of the ancient squid-like preserved as calcite in the limestone.

    The ones pictured are examples of the specimen you will receive. Upon receiving your order, we will select a specimen of similar size as those seen in these photos.

    These pieces stand approximately 7-9" tall, 2-3” wide and weigh approx 2-3 lbs (exact sizes will vary. As they get longer in one dimension, they will be smaller in another).

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    Orthoceras fossil tower, single cephalopod fossil

    $16.50 USD

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