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    Large Pyrite cube from Navajun Spain

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    Pyrite cube crystal from Navajun, Spain. These unique cubed pyrite specimens are found only in the Navajun region of Spain and are well known for the cubed shape that the pyrite crystal clusters form into.

    These are great additions to a rock lover's collection!

    As you can see in the photos, the pyrite crystals have a mirror-like luster.

    These specimens are single cubes. Each of the pieces have minor imperfections they may have a side or a corner that has broken off during mining. But as you can see in the photos, the damage is minimal and the pieces are fantastic, with several undamaged sides that make for a striking display. Check the video and photos!

    These specimens weigh about 3.5oz. And measure about 1.25” in each dimension.

    Those pictured are similar to what you will receive. Because these are natural specimens, there will be some variability from pieces to pieces, but each and every one is a great addition to a collection.

    See the photos for the approximate measurements.

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    Large Pyrite cube from Navajun Spain

    $19.50 USD

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