Geode ring box, natural, extra quality crystal geode

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This beautiful geode jewelry box is made from a natural, undyed occo geode rom Brazil and dainty hinge.

This purchase also includes some "museum putty" to help affix your ring or jewelry piece in place without leaving residue on the jewelry or geode. In fact, the ring in these photos is held in place with this special putty.

NOTE: there is a small piece broken off one of the halves that prevents a perfect alignment with the two halves. As a natural product this is not unusual. Regardless, the listing price is reflective of this mismatch.

*>> READY MADE. READY TO SHIP <<<< ********** Great for a memorable proposal, engagement photos, or just a great gift box for any small item! The inside cavity of this geode is pictured with a size 9 woman’s ring, but are great for other small gifts such as bridesmaids gifts, necklaces, etc. *Please note we are not responsible for tariffs, duties or other fees as a result of shipments outside of the United States* *Ring is not included and is for photography purposes only*