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    Coprolite, Dinosaur fossil

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    These are coprolite specimens from central Madagascar. These are thought to be Early Cretaceous period (roughly 146 to 100 million years ago).

    The list price is for a one or two pieces with a combined weight of approx 3+oz. See pix for examples with a ruler.

    These coprolite specimens are known and sideritic, preserved by the iron oxides siderite and limonite. These types of coprolite are part of some debate within the paleontology community. Some believe they are coprolites, others theorize that they are cololites (fossil casts of the intestinal tract rather then dung), and others think they are simply just iron nodules.

    These have been found in a sedimentary layer with other dinosaur remains, so we choose to believe that they are dinosaur related, either coprolite as described, or cololite; either way dinosaur in origin.

    The pieces pictured are similar to the pieces you would receive.

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    Coprolite, Dinosaur fossil


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