Chakra stones and Selenite charging bowl

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Seven tumbled Chakra stones in a selenite charging bowl. You will receive one similar to the one pictured.

The Chakra stones included in each are:
-> Crown - Amethyst
-> Third eye - Lapis Lazuli
-> Throat - Amazonite
-> Heart - Aventurine
-> Solar plexus - Orange Calcite
-> Sacral - Red Jasper
-> Root - Rose Quartz

The selenite bowl activates and charges many types of crystals.

As it’s finish dulls over repeated use, it can be re-shined with a damp (not wet!) cloth. Selenite is water soluble mineral so too much water may damage it!

Please note that since the stones are natural, there will be some variation in appearance from bowl to bowl. We have hand-picked the pieces for each, so we are confident that you will like the result.