Chakra bracelet - real gemstones, lava beads

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Real gemstone Chakra Bracelet | lava bead, metaphysical bracelet essential oil bracelet, chakra jewelry

The 6mm colored beads are stone;

Amethyst - Crown chakra
Lapis Lazula - Third eye chakra
Moss agate - Throat chakra
Calcite - Heart chakra
Citrine - Solar plexus chakra
Carnelian - Sacral chakra
Red Coral - Root chakra

The black stones are 6mm lava rock or Pumice.

Fashion stretch bracelets for easy slip on and off.

The differences in variety are due to the metal beads separating the gemstones from the lava beads.

Lava stone beads can absorb essential oil for relaxation or insect repellent.