Amethyst geode cluster 150-1250g

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Cut-base Amethyst Crystal Clusters from Uruguay. The crystal you will receive may have certain differences with the ones in the pictures, but each one is uniquely beautiful and of the SAME QUALITY and approximate dimensions as in the pictures.

Each piece has a flat base so it can sit vertically on your bedside table, shelf or any table in your home or office without a stand.

The approximate size of these pieces can be seen in the photos. Regardless of the height and width of the individual pieces, they will weigh within the ranges listed 150-250g (~0.33-0.5g), 250-500g (~0.5-1.0lb), 500-750g (~1.0-1.6lbs) 750-1000g (~1.6-2.2lbs) and 1000g-1250g (~2.2-2.75lbs).

Generally, the taller the piece, the more narrow it will be within the weight ranges.

The listing pictures are to provide you with an idea of the typical sizes, colors and shapes available.

But if you'd rather pick your own specimen, I've made a couple of listings in our shop where you can select your specific amethyst. Just search my ship for "Amethyst Geode" to see the other specimens I have available.

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