Agate Table Lamp, Natural Agate, 10.75-Inch tall, accent lamp, nightstand lamp, side table lamp, agate lamp, crystal lamp, geode lamp

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An absolutely stunning agate table lamp made from slices of natural agates, made into panels, cut and glued together. The resulting agate box then sits on a custom-made wooden based with built-in LED lighting, powered by a transformer (included).

This is on the "smallish" side (~10.75"x5"x5") but has a "large" feel and will, without a doubt be the centerpiece in any room in which its placed!

NOTE: This lamp does not include an on/off switch but can either be controlled by a switched outlet, plugging and unplugging the transformer into an outlet, or as I do, with my home assistant such as Alexa or Google Home (smart home adapter not included).

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