Rock oil candles

Our rock oil candles are Handmade in Colorado, USA from a carefully curated selection of rocks, crystals and fossils. We take a great pride in the quality of the specimens we choose and the products we make from them. 

All of our Rock Candles are crafted with a reservoir affixed to the underside of the rock to hold the oil. When filled with a high-quality lamp oil it produces a nearly smokeless, odorless candle-sized flame that will burn for at least three hours.

When we make our rock oil lamps, we think about the “little things” to set our products apart from others. For example all of the ROCKS ARE SEALED to help prevent oil from seeping into the candle or from staining the surface.

More of the little things we consider  include our use of LOW-PROFILE GLASS containers for the OIL RESERVOIR. This allows our customers to easily see HOW MUCH FUEL is in the lamp. The low profile means that the rock lies CLOSE TO THE TABLE not sitting awkwardly high above the surface. And finally, our multi-wick rock oil candles use A SINGLE RESERVOIR to fuel all of the wicks; no worries of one wick running out of fuel while others burn.

Other “little things” that we’ve addressed include the WICK. Our wicks are made of FIBERGLASS – they DO NOT BURN and NEVER NEED TO BE REPLACED! These wicks are held in place by GLASS TUBES specifically designed for this purpose. These glass tubes also can by used as an SCENT DIFFUSER – just place a few drops of your favorite scented oil, essential oil and as the flame heats the glass, the scent is diffused!

And finally, we actually spend the time to seal the base of the wicks so they DO NOT FRAY when you’re inserting them into the lamp!

Lamp oil is not included, but we've had great success with “Firefly Clean Fuel” available at various online retailers.

For more detail, check out the videos here for demonstrations of how to fill the lamp and to adjust the flame height.